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Edirol Midi Keyboard Controller Pcr-30 Driver geofra




and it says "the display server has been shut down 6 times in the last 90 seconds" somebody knows how to fix this issue? nvm, i was disconnected zoktar: yeah, i remember it, too. that is a kernel issue. i dont know any solution for that. ask the #ubuntu-kernel guys can someone help? I've install ubuntu on a intel core i7-6700HQ and it doesn't detect any cpu... I have tried to use Intel Virtualization Technology but it doesn't work... I've tried both in BIOS and in BIOS + UEFI + Secure Boot k1l_, ok thanks #ubuntu-kernel: #ubuntu :Cannot join channel (+i), you must be invited i did do #ubuntu-kernel zoktar: you need to identify to freenode (its the server that #ubuntu runs on) i did, but i can't see anything from the list ok. try #freenode then i have tried a few different channels on freenode, no go try /join #freenode or is there a /invite #ubuntu-kernel? yeah i have done that, i have tried that and got the same message can i just make a post about this? !paste | zoktar zoktar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use | To post!screenshots use to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic. thanks hello i just posted k1l_: are you there? elisa87: yes hi kll ellie: what



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Edirol Midi Keyboard Controller Pcr-30 Driver geofra

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